construction cost estimation

Hansen Hall Germ Free Expansion Space Renovation at Purdue University
Scope: GC

The Hansen Hall Germ-Free Expansion Space Renovation Project at Purdue University is a comprehensive project that involves the renovation of the existing Hansen Hall and the expansion of germ-free research facilities. The project aims to create a state-of-the-art research facility that will allow for the study of microbiomes in a controlled and germ-free environment.

The project involves extensive renovation work to the existing Hansen Hall, including upgrading the HVAC systems, plumbing, electrical systems, and elevators. Additionally, the project involves the construction of a new, 10,000 square-foot germ-free research facility, which will include specialized laboratory spaces, support areas, and equipment rooms.

As part of the project, accurate cost estimates are critical to ensure that the project is completed within budget and on schedule. Estimation will be based on a detailed analysis of the construction plans, site conditions, and other factors that may impact the project’s cost.

The project team conducted a comprehensive cost analysis, which includes detailed cost estimates for materials, labor, equipment, and other expenses. The team also considered potential cost savings through value engineering, which involves identifying alternative materials and construction methods that can lower project costs without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Moreover, to ensure that the project is completed on schedule, the team established a detailed project timeline that includes key milestones, deadlines, and deliverables. This timeline will be continuously monitored and adjusted as necessary to ensure that the project stays on track.

In summary, the Hansen Hall Germ-Free Expansion Space Renovation Project was a complex and comprehensive project that requires careful planning, accurate cost estimates, and effective project management to ensure its successful completion.

2. We recently completed a construction estimation project for the Chase Bank branch in Germantown. The project was aimed at determining the estimated cost of constructing a new facility for the bank, from start to finish.

Our team of construction estimation experts worked diligently to analyze every aspect of the project, from the initial design to the final construction. We took into consideration various factors such as the size of the building, materials required, labor costs, and any potential regulatory requirements or permits needed for the construction.

The project required us to conduct a thorough site analysis to determine the most optimal location for the new facility. We also had to consider the local zoning regulations and building codes, as well as any other factors that could impact the cost of construction.

Our team utilized advanced cost estimation software to provide an accurate and comprehensive cost estimate for the project. We also kept in mind the project’s budget and provided recommendations on ways to minimize costs without compromising on quality.

Throughout the project, we maintained open communication with our client, Chase Bank, to ensure that we met their requirements and exceeded their expectations. We were able to deliver the project within the agreed timeline and budget, and the new facility is now fully operational, providing banking services to the community of Germantown.