Step into Our Projects, we proudly unveil a collection of our endeavors – each a story of precision, collaboration, and real-world impact. Explore a range of construction projects that reflect our dedication to accurate cost estimation. From cozy homes to bustling commercial spaces, our projects embody the essence of cost clarity, guiding contractors through the financial maze of construction.
Our team, a blend of passion and expertise, stands behind each project, ensuring that our contractors not only build structures but also build futures. Whether you’re a contractor or subcontractors just curious about the world of construction costs, Our Projects invites you to witness the human side of estimation – where numbers meet accuracy, and every project is a chapter in our commitment to making construction dreams a reality.

University Hotel Plaza
Broom Residence
East Middle School - Montana
2675 Folsom OST
Wood Stock Building
Moda Luxe
Springfielde Suite
The Station Plainfield
The Bozeman Gateway Pud-Building Z
1280 Lafayette Building Renovation