Industries all over the world are constantly evolving. But if you’re new to this, the first real question that pops up is-what really is construction estimating?

In order to understand it on a basic level, construction estimating is the predicted cost of building any physical structure. But the cost prediction is just one of the many complex steps that are involved in the whole process. This is a process that needs to be highly detailed and the slightest bit of miscalculation can cause a huge blunder.


In order to be a cost estimator, it’s not necessary to be an engineer or an architect. What’s the important part is that one needs to be skilled with the process of understanding expenses and data that is concerned with construction projects-such as; costs of different equipment, materials, quantity and so on. Since the construction business has become extremely competitive, the importance of a cost estimator has grown over the years.

The Importance of Estimating

The accuracy of estimation helps the company land more projects and the ease of the client. The client and the builders are interested in the expenses of the project since the financial expenditure is nothing less than a making or breaking point of the project. Therefore, it’s in the favor of both the client and the builders to follow up on the research of expenses. To make sure that none of the parties end up at a financial crunch, construction estimating acts as a knight in shining armor in project management.

Key Aspects of Cost Estimating

On a project, the cost estimator is in charge of the project estimator, management and the rest of the staff related to the size of the project. Cost estimation can be categorized in two major divisions:

1. Direct costs are the expenses which are responsible directly for the activities that are involved in construction work such as labor, equipment and materials.

2. Indirect costs are the expenses that are basically the overhead expenses such as utilities, legal fees, quality control and so on.

Creating a Budget with the help of Estimating

The process of determining a budget is a very crucial aspect in construction management. The total cost is calculated by the estimator and it’s necessary to put together the budget allocations in order to move towards the completion of the project. Through this whole calculation process, a final budget is created. The estimator eventually puts together a total cost according to the estimate, which includes risk management along with other management and contingencies.


Construction estimating is a necessary part of project management, and its best for companies to invest in resources in order to make it easier and more effective. If there isn’t proper construction project estimating, then it can lead to crucial financial issues in a project. So if you’re looking for the best value for money in your project, Digital Estimating LLC is the solution to all your construction estimating problems.

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