Urgent Fraud Alert For Construction Executives

It is not the first time we’ve received concerning reports about individuals misusing our company name for deceptive activities over the years.

These immoral individuals pose as representatives of Digital Estimating LLC, offering below-standard estimating services and tarnishing our reputation. It deeply troubles us to know that such activities may endanger the trust you’ve placed in our brand.

Digital Estimating LLC is committed to providing you with a safe, transparent and satisfactory Estimation experience. That is why we are bringing this matter to your attention so that you do not become a victim of these fraudulent activities.

Preventive measures you can take to avoid being a victim

·        Double-Check Sender’s Email

In order to protect your construction projects, we would like to remind you that all official communications will be routed through our verified email addresses.

Please be aware of any unsolicited emails and invoices that appear to be from our company but are not. Always check the sender’s email address to ensure it is legitimate.

·        Call for Authenticity

If you ever receive an email or communication that raises doubts, don’t hesitate to verify its authenticity. Give us a call at our official contact number 281-899-0989. Our team is here to assist you and confirm the legitimacy of any communication you may find questionable.

Our Commitment:

At Digital Estimating LLC, we remain committed to providing top-notch estimation services and maintaining the trust of our clients.

Remember: When in doubt, verify with us directly before responding to any suspicious emails or invoices.

Call us at: 281-899-0989

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